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Print marketing is an essential tool to promote your products and services in a chaotic marketplace. There is something to be said for the power of a well designed print piece a person can hold in their hand. It’s tangible and professional.

Sky Design works closely with you to craft and clarify your message, and then develop unique and effective designs to communicate that message. We believe if you truly understand the goals of the project and your target audience, you can design in a way that motivates them to take action.

Sky Design can create a variety of print products that work together to build product and brand awareness.

Logos & Identity
Symposia & Events


The future of marketing is digital, and it’s on-demand, everywhere, 24/7. Sky Design can help you embrace digital marketing to find your customers wherever they are, and offer them what their looking for.

We identify your target market and develop the right tactics to engage them. This could be a multi-platform campaign utilizing digital, print and event marketing. Or online only with a new website and a fresh social media campaign.

Whether you need a new mobile-friendly website with custom video, a branded YouTube channel, or dynamic LinkedIn content, Sky Design can help you create an effective digital marketing strategy.

Mobile-Friendly Websites
Video Services
Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing

Meetings & Events

Sky Design can help your organization make a big visual impact with customers, prospects and at business events. Large format displays provide message continuity and supercharge your your marketing strategy.

We can create a WOW! moment in any size space and for any type of event. Building upon your print and digital campaigns, we create custom large format designs that make a big statement. From there, we’ll discuss materials, colors, signage, lighting and interactive possibilities such as displays for custom video or PowerPoint.

Sky Design can also create items with your logo such as tablecloths, shirts, seating, giveaways and displays for your print collateral.

Mobile-Friendly Websites
Video Services
Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing